[EDC] Supporting Student Mental Health and Well-Being

John Newhook, Dalhousie University, will lead a session on Supporting Student Mental Health and Well-Being.

Based on a series of advocacy efforts by student leaders in 2018 and 2019, as well as survey results from CFES and other sources, the Faculty of Engineering at Dalhousie committed to examining and improving the Faculty environment to better support students and promote mental health and wellness. Similar efforts are undoubtedly occurring in engineering faculties across Canada.

In October 2020, the Mental Health Commission of Canada released the National Standard for Post-Secondary Student Mental Health and Well-Being which provided a framework for auditing, assessing and continually improving these supports. Using this new standard, the Faculty of Engineering engaged an external consultant in February 2021 to help conduct an audit of the mental health support framework in the faculty and provide a roadmap for future activities to continue to support students and address identified gaps.

In this session, Dalhousie will share its experiences with the National Standard, high level outcomes and learnings from the audit process and what steps we are taking next. It is hoped that the subsequent discussion will allow for sharing of experiences, actions and ideas among the participating institutions.

Engineering Deans Canada continues its Wednesday Zoom meetings, on a monthly basis – These sessions are used to advance the organization’s agenda and to learn from each other, sharing information about resources and practices as we continue to adapt during this challenging time. Previously-recorded information sessions and related materials are available on the Web Portal.

Feel free to contact Kevin Deluzio, Chair or John Kizas, Secretariat with suggested topics for future sessions.