Ten Canadian engineering deans are listed on the recently-released Stanford University’s published list of 1965-2019 top 100,000, or 2% in their field, scientists in the world. The list was created based on a rigorous composite indicator of 6 metrics over 1965-2019. The methodology used is much more reliable than many others since as an example, extreme self-citation, and other flaws and technical problems that make such rankings unreliable, were addressed. Given that the data spans 1965–2019, the list provides long term career performance of all scientists (living or deceased) who are among top 100,000 across all fields and/or top 2% of their discipline. Scientists were classified into 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields. The data was collected from the Scopus database of nearly 7 million authors out of which the top 100,000/2% were analyzed.

Congratulations to Hossam Kishawy, Ontario Tech University, Suzanne Kresta, University of Saskatchewan, Greg Naterer, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Jim Nicell, McGill University, James Olson, University of British Columbia, Ishwar Puri, McMaster University, Bill Rosehart, University of Calgary, Rehan Sadiq, University of British Columbia (Okanagan), Mehrdad Saif, University of Windsor and Christopher Yip, University of Toronto.


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