CEEA-ACEG Institute for Engineering Teaching (IET)

The IET is a two-day online teaching workshop and an initiative of the Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA-ACEG). Tailored for engineering educators, the IET is designed to provide perspectives, tools, and tips to improve teaching effectiveness.  The IET is targeted primarily at new faculty members and graduate students, as well as mid-career faculty who have not received formal training in education or who are looking for new ideas to bring to their teaching.

Highly interactive, with an emphasis on effective, evidence-based methods and best practices in engineering education, the IET is delivered using the same techniques it promotes.  Specifically, the IET considers multiple aspects of course design and delivery through the lens of constructive alignment: participants will explore high-level course design, meaningful learning outcomes, engaging learning activities, and effective assessments.  Developed and delivered by a team of award-winning engineering educators from across Canada, the IET includes plenty of opportunity for input and advice on any course design and delivery questions, as well as networking with other engineering educators from across the country.

This year the IET is being run online as hands-on workshops on two days adjacent to the annual CEEA-ACEG conference: Friday, June 18 and Friday, June 25.  While the IET is ideally timed for those attending the CEEA-ACEG annual conference, it can equally be completed independent from the conference.

Times: Friday, June 18 12:00-4:30PM EDT + Friday, June 25, 12:00-4:30PM EDT

Register: You can register for the IET together with the CEEA-ACEG conference or separately:

Cost: The IET cost is $40 for students or post-docs, $100 for CEEA-ACEG members, and $200 for non-CEEA-ACEG members.  (15% HST is applied to all fees.)

p.s. CEEA-ACEG is also running the Institute for Engineering Education Research (IEER) in the same time and format as the IET. This is a great opportunity for colleagues with an interest in exploring new research opportunities in this exciting field, or those who are interested in improving teaching and learning within their own institution. This two-day workshop series gives participants the knowledge to design and facilitate research studies in engineering education. The first day will offer a history of the field of engineering education research, an overview of the steps in designing engineering education research studies, a guide to defining research questions and the role of knowledge traditions in research.  The second day will provide a high-level overview of methodology, and introduce a few research approaches (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, and design-based research). You can register for both days, or just one. The IEER is developed and delivered by a team of engineering education researchers from across the country. Further information and registration for the IEER can similarly be found on the CEEA-ACEG conference website or at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/institute-for-engineering-education-research-2021-registration-157128638989.