[EDC] The Definition of Engineering Design

Please join for an update and discussion of the Engineers Canada Engineering Design Task Force report on the definition of engineering design that has been open for consultation.  The Engineering design definition will be used in the accreditation criteria and procedures documents and will provide context for what is and what is not engineering design. The discussion will be aimed at sharing community feedback about the proposed definition, including the strengths of the proposed revisions, plus any concerns or unintended consequences that may arise from its implementation.

This session will be facilitated by James Olson, UBC and Suzanne Kresta, UofS

Engineering Deans Canada continues its Wednesday Zoom meetings, on a monthly basis – These sessions are used to advance the organization’s agenda and to learn from each other, sharing information about resources and practices. Previously-recorded information sessions and related materials are available on the Web Portal. Feel free to contact Jim Nicell, Chair or John Kizas, Secretariat with suggested topics for future sessions.