[EDC] Research Committee Data Importance & Relevance

The Research Committee’s terms of reference indicate that our objective is to collect and share among Engineering Deans Canada members pertinent data or information of relevance. A detailed list of data to be collected and shared was approved at the November 2020 Engineering Deans Canada meeting. There has been important discussions within the Research Committee as to what is valuable and relevant, but also what we would collectively be willing and able to share.

As a follow-up to the discussion at the most recent Engineering Deans Canada meeting, and before we launch ourselves into preparing a survey to share among Engineering Deans Canada members for data collection, the aim of this discussion is to present the current updated detailed list of data being considered, to receive feedback from colleagues across Engineering Deans Canada as to their relative importance, relevance and level of comfort in collecting and sharing, and for the Committee to be able to follow-up rapidly in developing the first phase of a survey for data collection.

Jacques Beauvais, University of Ottawa, Research Committee Chair, will lead the discussion.

Engineering Deans Canada continues its Wednesday Zoom meetings, on a monthly basis – These sessions are used to advance the organization’s agenda and to learn from each other, sharing information about resources and practices as we continue to adapt during this challenging time. Previously-recorded information sessions and related materials are available on the Web Portal. Feel free to contact Kevin Deluzio, Chair or John Kizas, Secretariat with suggested topics for future sessions.