About Engineering Deans Canada

Engineering Deans Canada is a pan-Canadian organization of an international network of Deans of Faculties of Engineering at Higher Education Institutions with accredited undergraduate engineering programs. These 44 members, independently, and as an organization, support the following objectives: 

  • Promote and encourage excellence in engineering education and research. To be the voice of engineering education and research at the national level.

  • Promote engineering education that satisfies accreditation requirements, ensure awareness and knowledge of the engineering profession and promote the benefits of licensure.

  • Provide a forum for Canadian engineering educators to debate issues and share experiences that foster excellence in engineering education and research

  • Advocate, as the collective voice of all engineering faculties in Canada, for a shared vision, and for the good of Canadian engineering education and research.

  • Promote and direct fundamental and applied engineering research and encourage and assist in the bringing to market innovative solutions.

  • Promote academic engineering research and disseminate the contributions in the advancement of knowledge and technologies to industry.

  • Educate international undergraduate and graduate students, support and provide venues for international researchers in Canada, and assist in the integration of foreign trained engineers into profession of engineering.


Jim A. Nicell
McGill University

Kevin Deluzio
Vice Chair
Queen’s University

Jane Goodyer
York University

Ishwar K. Puri
Past Chair
McMaster University

Committee Chairs

Jacques Beauvais
Research Committee
University of Ottawa

James Olson
Deans Liaison Committee
University of British Columbia

Jane Goodyer
Education Committee
York University

Mary Wells
Public Policy Committee
University of Waterloo

Greg Naterer
NSERC-Engineering & Applied Science Liaison Committee
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Chris Diduch
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
University of Waterloo

Faheem Ahmed
Audit Committee
Thompson Rivers University

Ishwar K. Puri
Nominations Committee
McMaster University